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Kid Power Bands for Half the Cost with

With our free Kid Power Ups, students can get active and save lives just by dancing and moving. The Kid Power Bands give kids the power to make even bigger impact—and kids and teachers alike love it!

How to Get Kid Power Bands for Your Class

We’re excited to partner with to bring Kid Power Bands to as many classrooms as possible this 2018-2019 school year. Almost 30 million students have benefitted from the 1.2 million funded projects on since 2000, and 100% of projects for Kid Power Bands were funded last year.

Now, when you set up a project on for Kid Power Bands, each and every donation to projects will be doubled while match funds last!

*Take 15 minutes to create a project today.*

How to Get Started on

  • Create a standard project and shop through Amazon Business. Request any of the items below:
    • UNICEF Kid Power Band – Bundle of 20 Kid Power Bands (item number: B07H8RFHCG)
    • UNICEF Kid Power Band – Bundle of 30 Kid Power Bands (item number: B07H8QTZNC)
    • UNICEF Kid Power Band – Blue (item number: B07H8QHDX6)
  • Your project should only include UNICEF Kid Power Bands.
  • Keep your total project goal under $2,000, including taxes, shipping, fees, and the suggested donation to support

How to Get Funded

So long as your project meets the above criteria, you will see the match offer applied to your project as soon as it’s approved and live on the site. New donations will be matched one-to-one as long as funding remains.

Keep in mind that over half of all projects on get funded by anonymous donors. So while it doesn’t hurt to share your projects with your own network, it’s not mandated. Giving Tuesday, on December 4, is also a very popular day when big donors step up to fund many classroom projects.

Start Making Real-World Impact Now

While you’re waiting for your project to get funded, be sure to get started with our free UNICEF Kid Power program, by doing Kid Power Ups and completing the Featured Mission that has kids earning points to make local impact!

Kid Power is here to help!

We believe that physical activity in students leads to lifelong increases in mental and social emotional health. That’s why we offer free, fun, and engaging videos that get kids up and moving!

From dance routines to sports drills, there’s something for every kid to enjoy. With the power of physical activity and a built-in “give back” component on the platform, we feel confident that kids will want to continue coming back to Get Active and Save Lives!

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Empowering kids to engage in physical activity and philanthropy to increase overall and wellbeing.

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