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3 Reasons to Do This Kid Power Activity Today

We are thrilled to have teamed up with Niantic, the developers and publishers of Pokémon GO, with a new UNICEF Kid Power activity. This activity will get students excited about the world around them while helping children in need! As we shared last month, our newest activity invites students to nominate a location in their community to be a PokéStop.

What’s a PokéStop? Pokémon GO players, called Trainers, discover Pokémon as they visit PokéStops, game locations that are important to communities around the world.

Now, we know students LOVE Pokémon! But here are three more reasons why you definitely want to do this activity with your class!

Top 3 Reasons to Create Your Own PokéStop

1. Your community could be featured in Niantic games!  

Let your students introduce the world to a special place in their neighborhood. Whether it’s the park where they hit their first home run or community garden where they volunteer, tell us about it with Create Your Own PokéStop. When you submit your completed activity, your students’ PokéStops and stories could be selected to be featured as gaming locations in Pokémon GO or other Niantic games.

You can submit your completed activity one of these two ways. Do whatever is easiest for you! 

  1. Upload it to your Coach Dashboard. It could be a short video, photo of a completed worksheet, or PDF of students’ completed worksheets.
  2. OR you can email it to us at [email protected].

2. It helps other kids around the world! 

When you participate with UNICEF Kid Power, it unlocks funding for UNICEF to deliver lifesaving nutrition to severely malnourished children. Plus, it lets us know your class is on board and eager to help save the lives of children around the globe.

3. You could win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! 

Doh — you read that right! When you submit your activity by January 1 (either by uploading it to your Dashboard or emailing it to us) you will be entered to win one of five $100 Amazon gift cards. Read here for full contest rules.

Now, we know the holiday season can get a bit crazy in the classroom. Sometimes kids need a little something different to get them excited about learning and helping others. So do this new Kid Power activity today and empower your students to make a difference.

Create Your Own PokéStop Now!

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If you haven’t already signed up to participate in our new UNICEF Kid Power program — a free program for all U.S.-based educators — it takes one minute to sign up.

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