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Support Social Justice in the Classroom

Not just for Black History Month! Teach the concept of social justice in your classroom year-round. To assist you, the competencies within the CASEL framework break down some of the skills required, including both social awareness and relationship skills.

CASEL defines social awareness as the ability to understand the perspectives of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and contexts. Skills that support social awareness include feeling compassion, understanding different social norms, and identifying norms that seem unfair.

In addition to traditional healthy and supportive relationship goals, CASEL includes the ability to effectively navigate settings with diverse individuals and groups in their definition of relationship skills. Abilities that support relationship skills include clear communication, active listening, cooperation and collaboration, conflict negotiation, and navigating settings with different social and cultural demands.

You can support these skills, with help from UNICEF Kid Power and some of your students’ favorite superstars! We’re highlighting three special videos that include great social justice classroom ideas. The videos are designed to provide inspiration and actionable tasks—that your students can begin to implement today—to make the world of tomorrow more socially just.

Check out:

Speaking Out Against Racism

This Kid Power Up video features a 15-time GRAMMY® Award-winning singer-songwriter (we will let you watch to find out who)! Learn tips for recognizing racism and inequality, knowing when to speak up, and specific phrases kids can use to express their discomfort in an unfair situation. Includes classroom activity ideas to practice speaking up in a constructive way!

What Do You Have to Say with WNBA Player Satou Sabally

Dallas Wings forward and UNICEF supporter Satou Sabally highlights the power of your students’ voices to make a difference in the world, shares different ways kids can speak up against unfairness, and gives some ideas for overcoming their fear of taking a stand.

Dream Big: What’s Your Vision for a New World?

Highlight the power of imagination and the results of dreaming big! This video guides your class through a brainstorm session about their dream world, including creating one-word themes and vision boards reflecting your class’s hopes, dreams, values, goals, and dreams. (Hint: this activity video is also a great one to integrate with a related art assignment in which students can express themselves even further.)

Make social justice a priority – we’re making it a bit easier with three video-based, social justice classroom activities full of meaningful messages your kids can understand and implement. Play these powerful Kid Power Ups today!

Kid Power is here to help!

We believe that physical activity in students leads to lifelong increases in mental and social emotional health. That’s why we offer free, fun, and engaging videos that get kids up and moving!

From dance routines to sports drills, there’s something for every kid to enjoy. With the power of physical activity and a built-in “give back” component on the platform, we feel confident that kids will want to continue coming back to Get Active and Save Lives!

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