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Kid Power Bands


Make Bigger Impact

•  With the Kid Power Bands, kids have even more power to help more children around the globe.

•  These one-size-fits-most fitness bands track both steps and movement (not geographic location!).

•  Named by TIME Magazine as one of the “Best Inventions” of 2016, the UNICEF Kid Power Band is the world’s first Wearable-for-Good®, connecting activity to impact.

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Crowdfund with DonorsChoose.org

DonorsChoose.org is the only online crowdfunding site exclusively for America’s public schools to help teachers crowdfund for resources and supplies. Almost 30 million students have benefitted from the 1.2 million funded projects on DonorsChoose.org. Post a project today to bring Kid Power Bands to your classroom.
  • Last year, it took teachers on average about 15 minutes to submit a project to get Kid Power Bands for their classrooms.
  • 100% of all projects for Kid Power Bands were funded in 2017-2018.
  • Most projects are funded by anonymous donors or complete strangers.

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Buy Kid Power Bands for your class and receive a 25% discount when you order 20 or more!

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  • Brain breaks that save lives, with Kid Power Ups: Streaming-for-Good!
  • Earn Kid Power Coins: Currency-for-Good and Give through our Kid Power Exchange!
  • UNICEF Kid Power gives students the power to save lives globally and give back locally!