Empower Your Students to Make a Difference in the World This Summer!

UNICEF Kid Power is a FREE interactive platform that connects students’ everyday activity to real-world impact. As students interact with our physical activity and social-emotional learning and summer camp videos (either at home, school or summer care) they unlock critical support (therapeutic food packets, family meals, medical supplies and more) that we distribute to children in our global and local communities!

Play UNICEF Kid Power Ups to unlock ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) that will be delivered to severely malnourished children around the world.

What Teachers Say About UNICEF Kid Power

“We use it on a daily basis. My kids get so excited by it. They get up, they dance around, they sing, they move and they laugh together.”

Mr. Ecker, 4th Grade, Indiana

“I see a noticeable difference in my scholars’ confidence. As a huge believer in student social emotional learning my students can be fierce, can be calm, and best of all they can be themselves.”

Ms. Moe, 4th Grade, California 

“The impact that UNICEF Kid Power has had on our students and teachers is life changing.”

Ms. Williams, 5th Grade, Texas

“I used to use a different platform for brain breaks but the moment I learned of UNICEF Kid Power and the difference my students can make, I made the switch.”

Dr. Morgan, School Counselor, Texas 

“They are perfect for movement breaks, they’re perfect for those days that cold New England winters mean we can’t go outside. But it also had that added element of really showing my students that they can be global citizens.”

Mrs. T, 2nd Grade, Massachusetts

“They are so excited every time they unlock another RUTF packet. They know that they are global citizens on their way to saving a life of another malnourished child.”

Mr. Dypiangco, 2, 3 & 5 Grade, California 

Why UNICEF Kid Power This Summer?

Motivate students through helping others. Inspire an entire generation of children to give back to others, all while keeping kids physically active and introducing important social-emotional topics to spark reflection and discussion.

Boost physical activity. Rain or shine, help kids get the wiggles out…which can improve their focus, behavior and overall health.

Easily fits into your daily routine. Play videos together at school or summer care, or assign them to do at home.

Good, clean fun! Our summer camp, workout, and social-emotional learning videos are kid-appropriate and will keep kids engaged all summer long…for FREE!