What Do Students Value?

Social-emotional learning is a big focus in schools across the country. And for good reason because when we give students valuable life lessons that go beyond the common core, we are better preparing them to be successful in the future.

With UNICEF Kid Power, we want to empower students to think critically, problem-solve, collaborate together and, above all, realize that they have the power to make a difference in this world.

A New Kind of Kid Power Up

This is why we’ve created a new category of Kid Power Up videos called “Connect.” These are non-dance videos that will get students reflecting on important questions, about their own world and the world around them.

From thinking about ways in which they can help achieve the Global Goals to ideas for how they can develop sustainable solutions to their community’s problems, these new Kid Power Ups will get classrooms working together and honing students’ social-emotional skills.

The Importance of Values

Our newest Kid Power Up that will get students thinking about a very important topic: values. 

In this video, WWE Superstars open up and share what they value most. Core values like courage, positivity and respect. Here’s a sneak preview: 

Press Play for Impact Now!

Your students are going to love hearing from their favorite WWE Superstars about what they value in life. In a month filled with themes about love and kindness, it’s the perfect classroom conversation starter. It will get kids thinking about their own values and goals in life.

(You can now Preview Kid Power Ups before you Play them for students. One more way, we’re trying to make your life a little easier. 😉

In case you are wondering, we value teachers like you who put children first!