Tina Batalha: Instagram Kid Stars Profile

Tina Batalha: Young & Active Fashionista

Tina Batalha, known as bia_dornbusch on Instagram, has over 84,000 Instagram followers, and has quickly staked our a reputation as a fun-loving, active kid with a very keen sense of style. Tina’s mature fashion choices, coupled with many different scenic backdrops which show she isn’t sitting at home, have her at the head of the Instagram class for kid stars.

In taking a quick look at Tina’s Spanish-speaking profile, an Instagram user will see a very deft touch with color themes: the last 12 rows have a red touch with a heart theme, and then greenery is subtly introduced for the next few rows, followed by black, green, and aqua, successively, in the next few rows. Check out Tina’s Instagram profile here!

Lookinho @Tyrol_ssa para “aquecer” a brincadeira ☺️. . #trendalert #news #peb #pretoebranco #modelando #tyrol

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