Life With Micah – Micah Quinones: Instagram Kid Stars Profile

Micah Quinones: Inspiring Instagram Star

Micah Quinones, also known as ‘Life with Micah’ on his Instagram page to his 50,000+ followers, has become a huge hit on social media. It all started when his mom, an Los Angeles-based model named Amanda Booth started posting pictures of her baby Micah on Instagram. Micah was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome when he was four months old, and Micah’s mom has talked about how social media has allowed her family to receive support, and connect with other families as well.

Not that the proof is necessary, but Micah’s Instagram pictures show an incredible amount of engagement of love, with recent pictures displaying over 3000 likes. Mom Amanda believes that the secret is Micah’s smile: “Have you seen his smile!? Gosh he is so beautiful, present, and warm. You just know that within meeting him for three minutes. He’s going to be the coolest little kid, and best friend for forever! He laughs when you laugh. He feels energy, and reacts accordingly.”

Micah is an energetic young boy who seems to have a zeal for life. Follow his page here!


@freepeople came by and took pictures of me loving on my mama!

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