Sutori Presentation Celebrates World Children’s Day

UNICEF's World Children's Day and Clever

World Children’s Day is a global movement for children, by children. This post is part of our World Children’s Day series, which spotlights partnerships and individuals making a difference for children around the world.

We all have a story to tell, and Sutori, a collaborative presentation tool, is here to help tell your students’ stories. An innovative ed-tech tool that provides the ideal canvas for assignments and lesson plans, Sutori takes a student-centered approach in collaboration and communication. Which is why we are thrilled to team up with Sutori in celebration of World Children’s Day to help amplify the voices, ideas and stories of all students.

UNICEF Kid Power created a World Children’s Day presentation to share with Sutori classrooms across the country. The presentation tells the story of World Children’s Day, and UNICEF’s role in helping to raise awareness and take action on the most pressing issues facing children today. 

True to UNICEF Kid Power’s mission, this presentation not only demonstrates how students can help raise awareness for children around the world, playing it also makes real-world impact! Every World Children’s Day presentation completed on Sutori will unlock one lifesaving packet of therapeutic food, which UNICEF will deliver to malnourished children around the world. 

Check out Sutori’s new
World Children’s Day presentation!


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