ChichiRomeoandMe Instagram Kid Star

ChichiRomeoandMe: Ashley, Grace, and Romeo are Taking Over Instagram Fashion

It’s a bit unclear as to who Chichi is, despite being the first word in the Instagram username of this up and coming kid fashion Instagram account. What we do know, according to their website, is that their mom’s name is Julia, and she runs their Instagram account. Julia, as their website says, loves to take photos of her and her husband’s three model kids: Ashley, Grace, and Romeo. Add those three together, and you get chichiromeoandme?

Anyways, these kids have an awesome fashion sense, and the reason we like them is because they are unabashed, having fun, and take many pictures outdoors. UNICEF Kid Power is all about being active and outdoorsy, and chichiromeoandme, ie Ashley, Grace, and Romeo are doing a great job and looking sleek! Check out their Instagram profile here.