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How to Be Like Alex Morgan

Every budding soccer player wants to be like Alex Morgan, and play soccer like Alex Morgan. Since we are big fans of Alex, we decided to go ahead and feature the best videos out there which can help you play soccer like Alex Morgan. With an awesome range of skills, tips, tricks, and motivation, Alex Morgan shows you how to play soccer just like her! Take a look below:

How to Play Soccer Like Alex Morgan Videos:

Learn a Cool Trick from Alex Morgan

Do you need a cool new soccer trick to impress your friends on and off the field? American professional soccer player, Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Alex Morgan finds time in her busy schedule to show us how to do a rainbow kick during her photoshoot for seventeen magazine. Watch this video now to see how she does it with perfect execution. Maybe with these tips, some practice, and determination you would be doing some of your own and wowing you audience!

Shoot and Score like Alex Morgan

Speed, Agility, endurance and precision. These are four of the most important attribute of a high scoring striker of offensive midfielder. There are of course a lot of ways you can develop these skills. But if you want to see how the pros do it, check out this video and find our how American professional soccer player, Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Alex Morgan does her striking drills. You’ll need some markers and a buddy to help you do the drills, but if there’s a way to shoot and score like Alex Morgan, it’s to train as hard using the same drills that she does.

Alex Morgan Soccer Trip During Warm-Up

Soccer players have different ways of warming up before the big game. And for American professional soccer player, Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Alex Morgan, doing some tricks during warming is a nice way of making sure you are loose and limber before going in to the game. In this video we see her leading the warm up be showing her team mates which move to do next. Take a look and see if this is something you can also do during your warm up. You’ll never know until you try.

Alex Morgan Soccer Workout: Bench Alt Legs

 Every wonder what exercises soccer athletes do to strengthen their core muscles? Well you are in luck, in this video, American professional soccer player, Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion Alex Morgan shows us one of the exercises she does exactly for this exact reason. Now, you may think this look very because it starts with a simple plank, but don’t be fooled, it gets harder really quick once you start with the alternating leg motion. And do make sure you doing it right, make sure you’re always minding you form. Good luck!

How to Make Your Alex Morgan Headband

 If you have even seen Alex Morgan on camera chances are you have seen her wearing the trademark pink head band of hers. In fact, I don’t think you will ever get to see footage her without it, or you will at least have a very hard time looking for it. But did you ever wonder what brand of headbands or what kind of material she uses for them? Well you might be surprised to find out that she actually uses Mueller MWrap tape to make them. And in this video, she shows us exactly how she does it.

Want to Be a Soccer Star? Gold Medalist Alex Morgan Shares Her Tips

So we have seen Alex Morgan’s tricks, we have seen her striking drills. we have seen some of the things she does during warm up, we have seen how she exercises for her core muscles, and we have even seen how to get that Alex Morgan look by making that trademark head band. But there obviously more to being as good her on the field. On this video Alex shares some of her tips that might help you get closer to that level. So, if you want to be like her, you better listen up!

Nike Pro Training: Pro Insider: Alex Morgan: The Perfect Strike

 One of the most important weapons in a striker’s arsenal in the “The perfect Strike”. Alex Morgan gave us one of the best demonstrations of this skill during the 2012 Olympic finals. This was one of the most memorable moments in her career. In this video, not only does she talk about the few seconds leading up to the world-famous kick, but she also talks about everything that was going through her mind the whole time it was happening. And to top it all off, she gives us detailed instruction in the technique she uses to flawlessly execute the perfect strike.

Improve Your Power Along Side Alex Morgan in 9 Week Training Program

Soccer requires you to learn a lot of skills that are specific to the game. You also go through a lot of drills and exercises that are explicitly aimed to improve those skills. But no training regimen will be complete without some supplementary training to make sure you become a well-rounded athlete. In this video, we see Alex Morgan show us the first part of her power training routine with some Bent T’s. Just make sure that if you want to train like her, you should be using the proper equipment like the power bands from SKLZ that you can see her using in the video.

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