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Act on the Global Goals with Emma Watson

In our newest Kid Power Up video, Emma Watson assigns students an important mission: to identify and solve problems that can help us achieve the Global Goals!

What are the Global Goals?

In Kid Power Up Wishes for the World, our friend Jasper introduced students to the Global Goals. As he summarizes, if these 17 goals can be achieved, they will end poverty, fight inequality, and stop climate change. This Kid Power Up gets kids thinking about what they would like to see in the future and their own wishes for the world.

How to Act on the Global Goals

Emma Watson, UN Goodwill Ambassador, is featured in this new Kid Power Up, created by the World’s Largest Lesson. She starts out by recognizing that the world has some pretty big problems to overcome. Next, Emma encourages kids to get started by using their “creative superpowers” to fix things where they live. As she states, there are three things any kid can do to help achieve the Global Goals. Play the Kid Power Up now to find out what they are!

Invent, Innovate & Campaign

Emma takes students on a short journey to other parts of the world to demonstrate how kids are already making a difference — from Turkey, India, and Bali to Syria, Nigeria, and even Philadelphia. In both big cities and small rural towns, she shows how students have already made incredible progress inventing, innovating and campaigning. From solving problems of excessive waste to banning plastic bags, she shows how determined kids can make real-world impact to help end poverty, inequality and climate change.

A Classroom Conversation Starter

The Kid Power Up ends with an important question for your class. And we encourage you to have students brainstorm together and come up with an answer! Whether you have 5 minutes to do this post-video discussion or 30 minutes, we think it will inspire students! Most important, this lesson encourages students to think critically about what they can do right in their community.

Young inventors, innovators and campaigners everywhere are changing the world for good — and so can your class!

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