Partner Toolkit

This media toolkit serves as a guide for you as an organization and as an employee to highlight how you are partnering with Kid Power to make an impact on your users, followers, and extended community. The goal is for your users to benefit from your content, the Kid Power platform, and our partnership as a whole!

Why Kid Power?

Here at Kid Power, we believe strongly in the importance of encouraging physical activity in children, leading to lifelong increases in mental health, physical fitness, and social emotional wellness. That’s why we offer free, fun, and engaging videos that get kids up and moving!

From dance routines to brain-breaks, there’s something for every child to enjoy. With the power of movement and built-in motivation on the platform, we feel confident that kids will want to continue coming back day in and day out!

What's Included

Logos, digital assets, and social media links.

Style guide for promotional materials.

Sample posts and newsletters for use or inspiration.

Digital Assets

Logos and other Kid Power digital assets can be found below.

Social Media

Follow, Like, and Tag!

All collaborations, announcements, and paid content should include our page and our hashtag.


Brand Guidelines

These brand guidelines are the same we follow in our own digital space. It includes brand staples like font and colors, as well as guides that explain the proper tone and language to use when discussing Kid Power.

Sample Posts

These examples are for direct use or inspiration!

Great news! We are now official partners with @GoKidPower!

This intuitive resource for teachers, administrators, and caregivers not only fits easily into a busy teaching schedule, but is proven to be an effective tool for increasing your kid’s physical health, maintaining their mental and emotional wellness, and encouraging their inherent need to give back to others!

With every Kid Power video your students watch, you’ll not only be enriching theirs hearts, body, and minds, you’ll be giving your them the tools they need to succeed, both in school and in life!

So, register today and join the fastest growing digital resource for the classroom!

(Company Name) has joined the @GoKidPower platform!

You heard right, (#) of our videos have now become part of Kid Power, an award-winning educational platform designed to bring mental health, emotional wellness, and philanthropy into the classroom with an easy and inclusive digital format that is perfect for any situation!

Whether you are looking for SEL tools, physical activities, or just a moment to help your kiddos breathe and reset, Kid Power has you covered, giving your students everything they need to succeed!

Register today and see what every teacher in America is talking about!

We have partnered with @GoKidPower!

That’s right, we are excited to announce that our content is now available on America’s favorite digital resource for teachers, administrators, and caregivers–Kid Power!

We have joined this intuitive platform with one goal in mind: bring accessible, easy-to-use educational resources into the classroom, giving kids the tools they need to grow stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally, all while giving back to the world around them!

Register today and Join us!

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Sample Emails

These examples are for direct use or inspiration!

Your favorite (Company Name) content is now available on Kid Power!

You heard it right, (Company Name) has partnered with the award-winning Kid Power, bringing (#) of our favorite videos to their carefully curated library of content designed to keep kids moving, grooving, and, most of all, engaged!

Whether your kids are in the classroom, the living room, or anywhere in between, there’s no better way to celebrate motion, mindfulness, and mental health than with Kid Power’s easy-to-use video platform.

The tools to help your kids grow stronger, both physically and emotionally, are only a click away, so join in as your kiddos earn Kid Power Coins for local charities and unlock RUTFs (ready-to-use therapeutic food packets) for thousands of underprivileged children worldwide, all while spending just a few minutes a day having fun and getting active in the classroom!

Click HERE to see for yourself what everyone is talking about!

Great news! (Company Name) has partnered with Kid Power and we are here for one reason only–to make teaching resources more fun and more accessible!

Kid Power’s award-winning physical and emotional wellness tool has been designed with educators in mind, offering quick and easy video activities designed to get your kids moving, thinking, reflecting, and, most of all, giving back. And (Company Name) has joined in!

Together, this growing collection of popular children’s content creators have been making time in the classroom not only fun and engaging, but an integral part of the curriculum that is as quick and easy as it is revolutionary.

We believe that this blend of physical health, mental and emotional wellness, and intuitive learning creates opportunities for not only student growth, but for lessons in philanthropy that they will carry with them forever.

So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to join us on Kid Power!

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