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Loving Kindness

In this mindfulness video, you and your child will close your eyes and think of people you care about. 

Prepare to watch the video by playing “Guess the Person” together. Then, play the video and do mindfulness activity. To wrap up your experience, create something together that might make others happy.

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Before the Video:

Guess the Person

What you'll need:

A quiet place to talk.

Activity steps:

1. Introduce the Activity

Tell your child that today you’ll be doing a mindfulness activity that includes sending loving, happy thoughts to people you care about, as well as to people and animals around the world who you’ve never met.

Explain that, to prepare for the activity, you’re going to play a guessing game together. You’ll take turns thinking of someone you know — maybe it’s a family member, a friend, or someone at school — and giving clues to help the other person figure out who you’re thinking of.

2. Guess the Person

Start by thinking of someone you know and love. Give your child a clue, like the name of the town they live in, the color of their hair, or their favorite animal.

After each clue, give your child a chance to guess who you might be thinking of. When they’ve guessed your person, invite them to think of someone for you to guess! 

Play as many rounds as you like.

3. Reflect

Ask your child to help you think of something that might cheer up each of the people you were thinking of, if they were having a bad day. Is there anything unique that each person might like to see, hear, or receive?

Ask how it felt to describe people you know and care about, and to consider what makes them feel happy. 

Ask your child how they might feel if they knew that someone they loved was thinking about them and what makes them happy.

4. Extend the Activity

Play the same game and do the same reflection, but this time think of animals!

During the Video:

Be Mindful with Loving Kindness

What you'll need:

  • The Loving Kindness video — head to to find it! 
  • A comfortable place to sit and close your eyes.

Activity steps:

1. Introduce the Activity

Invite your child to join you in following along with a mindfulness exercise. Explain that you’ll be hearing some suggestions of things to think about, and that you’re each going to do your best to picture these things in your mind.

2. Make Room

Find a place that has enough space for both of you to sit comfortably.

3. It's Time!

Play the video and do the mindfulness exercise together.

4. Reflect

When the video is over, ask your child how their mind and body felt during the exercise. Share how your mind and body felt, too.

5. Talk About Giving Back

Finally, ask your child how it feels knowing that they’ve helped other kids through Kid Power! Do they know what a ready to use therapeutic food packet is? Which local cause did they decide to donate to?

After the Video:

Happy Creation

What you'll need:

Depending on what you choose to do: craft supplies and/or something to take photos or videos.

Activity Steps:

1. Introduce the Activity

Tell your child that now you will have the opportunity to create something that will make other people happy.

Explain that you will decide whether to make something for someone you know and love, or for people around the world who you don’t know. You can even make something for an animal!

2. Get Prepared

Ask your child to decide who your creation will be for. 

Once they’ve decided, make a list together of things you might create for this person or animal. Some ideas are:

  • An uplifting video, telling people what makes them special.
  • A painting or drawing.
  • A video of you doing a happy dance or something silly.
  • A habitat for an insect, frog, or fish.

If necessary, gather any supplies you need.

3. Create!

Make your creation together. Take as much time as you need. You can even make more than one.

4. Share Your Creation

Share photos or videos of your creation with your loved ones, and/or with us! @GoKidPower #GoKidPower #PowerUpGuides

5. Reflect

Ask your child how it felt to create something together that will make others happy. Was it fun? Interesting? Frustrating? Tiring? Tell your child how you felt, as well. Explain that there is no right or wrong way to feel about it — what’s important is being able to name our emotions.

What Else Can You Do?

People Around the World

Head to your local library and ask a librarian to recommend a great children’s book about people around the world. Read the book together, and discuss similarities and differences between your lives and those of the people in the book. Talk about what might make the people in the book feel happy.

Appreciation Letter

Most people love to be appreciated! Work together to write a letter of appreciation to someone you care about, or someone you don’t personally know, who makes a positive difference in the world. Make sure your letter names at least one specific thing you appreciate about that person.

What Makes You Happy?

It’s important to know what makes others happy, but it’s also very important to know what makes ourselves happy! Together, make a list of the things that make each of you happy. These can be big, exciting things or small, everyday things. Once you have this list, you might be able to help each other feel happier on not-so-good days.

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