Hail’s World: Haileigh Vasquez Instagram Kid Star Profile

Hail’s World: Haileigh Vasquez is a Rising Fashion & Active Kids’ Star


All’s well in Hail’s World. If you follow kid stars of Instagram, then you’ve probably heard of Haileigh Vasquez, also known as the spunky NYC girl better known as Hail’s World. She’s received a ton of press for her fun and spunky fashion choices, and is one of the most popular kid fashion stars of Instagram with close to 140,000 followers!

We love Haileigh’s style because so many of her pics are outdoors: with backdrops like fresh green grass, shrubs, pavement, and blue skies, Haileigh definitely makes the most of the outdoors when posing in front of the camera. We’ve no doubt she’s on her way to the runway with her glamorous yet fun and active style. Check out her Instagram page here!

Warm weatger days are the best… #croptop #hailsworld #ootd #Fashion #Style

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