Gavin Duh: Instagram Kid Stars Profile

Gavin Duh: Active Lifestyle, Sleek Fashion, and More:

Gavin Duh burst onto the Instagram fashion and lifestyle scene about a year ago and has a staggering 192,000 followers! With his account deftly  managed by his mom, Gavin’s Instagram pics show off an active lifestyle while also looking good in sharp outfits.

As to why Gavin has exploded in popularity, his mom Priscilla Reyes explains that it’s because he is just being himself, and having fun. “This is a big one! If your kids aren’t having fun, it’s not worth it and that’ll most definitely show through in their pics. Just be yourself, and post what your kids love to do best!”.

Gavin, er, his mom does a great job with posting images, often sporting 3 images for one outfit to give Gavin’s fans a fuller taste of each outfit, as well as maintaining a nice color and theme flow throughout. Check out Gavin Duh’s Instagram profile here.

Wearing his @ortodoux BOOTS?❤️??

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