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Avɑyɑ and Alizɑ Hugo: Instagram Kid Stars Profile

Avaya and Aliza Hugo ie carlyashton_: Fashion, Lifestyle, and More!

Avɑyɑ and Alizɑ Hugo are two adorable girls who are featured on their mom’s Instagram page, which you can see here. What began as an innocent baby picture posting adventure, (Avaya Hugo was just 18 months old when mom started sharing her images) has now turned into a huge fan base. With approximately 114,000 followers, Avɑyɑ and Alizɑ Hugo, also known as The A Sisters, are posting fun, fashionable images with many different backgrounds. It looks like these girls are living an active lifestyle, with a number of sleek outfits as well! Their Instagram page is run quite well, and as one scrolls through they can see the consistent color themes. These two energetic girls look like they are having a blast, all with some really trendy outfits!

Off to Gym Camp we go!! Rain Jacket via @feistylittlemouse ? #pixiesbows

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