Envisioning a world where all children are thriving and inspired to give back.

Let’s make this school year the greatest comeback story!

Our kids need more support than ever. Through our incredible video content, students are encouraged to get physically active; increasing mental, social and emotional health. When you participate in Kid Power, your students unlock therapeutic food packets which are delivered to children globally AND earn coins to donate to local causes, increasing an awareness of self purpose.

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How Kid Power Works

Get active & give back

When kids give back through Kid Power’s unique philanthropic platform, they feel self purpose, empowered, and grow stronger mentally, physically and academically…which fuels them to participate even more!

Happy & Healthy Kids

Incredibly motivated – Kids want to learn and move more!

Improved physical health and awareness

Stronger mental and social-emotional health

Tighter sense of classroom community

Increased self purpose and awareness
(ready to learn!)