Kid Power Shining Star Ambassadors

Do you have what it takes to be a Kid Power Ambassador?

Kid Power is on the hunt for the best and brightest in early education, creating a team of educators dedicated to putting their students first.

These Shining Stars will not only spread the love of Getting Active and Saving Lives in the classroom, but they’ll be shining examples of what it means to be a leader in their field.


Make a Difference

  • Inspire educators around the world to help their students Get Active and Save Lives through social media channels, live events, and other exciting opportunities.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise by providing valuable feedback about how Kid Power can better serve their educators and students.
  • Earn even more charitable donations for children in need by bringing new educators into the fold from your school, district, and city.
  • Champion a nonprofit program that is uniquely dedicated to the health, education, and wellness of children all over the world.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Shining Star Ambassadors come from all parts of the country and all walks of life, united in their love of their students and making a difference–both around the world and around the block!

Your Name Here!

Join our ambassador program to add your name here!

Your Name Here!

Join our ambassador program to add your name here!

Kid Power limited edition swag

Chances to win ambassador-only prizes

Sneak peeks at new content

Shape Kid Power

Provide input that will help on-board new teachers as well as influence new Kid Power content and features

Ambassador Perks!

Have you and your classroom featured regularly on Kid Power

Leadership Opportunities

Blog writing, testimonials, and even representing Kid Power at major events. We have covered all the options for you, hopefully.

Access to training documents and education

Your Commitment

Our Shining Star Ambassador program is designed with busy teachers in mind, allowing you the opportunity to make a difference in classrooms all over the country without taking away any energy from your own.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Sharing social media posts. We’ll provide you with everything you need, keeping it worry free!
  • Write a testimonial. These are less than a hundred words, making it a quick project. You can even film yourself if that is more in your comfort zone!
  • Answer Kid Power Surveys. They are short, easy, and designed to make YOUR input an integral part of the Kid Power process.
  • All other commitments are completely voluntary. It’s up to you how much you want to do, though it will be reflected in your Power Perks!
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Ambassador Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Shining Star Ambassador!

It is because of educators like you that Kid Power has become the #1 philanthropic platform in the classroom, empowering kids all over the country to Get Active and Save Lives!
Please fill out the following questionnaire to see if you are the right fit for our program.
Remember, slots are limited, so if you don't get accepted the first time--try, try again!
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