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A Day at the Beach

In this video, you and your child will take an imaginary trip to the beach! Bari Koral will lead you through a series of yoga moves with a beachy theme. 

Prepare to watch the video by doing the pre-video activity with your child. Then, play the video and do the movements together. To wrap up your experience, you and your child have the opportunity to make up some new yoga poses! If the weather is nice, try doing the activities outside. Have fun!

Before the Video:

I’m Going to the Beach and I’m Bringing…

What you'll need:

A space big enough for you and your child to move around.

Activity steps:

1. Introduce the Activity

Tell your child that today you’ll be going on an imaginary trip to the beach! Explain that once you’re there, you’ll be doing some fun yoga moves. But first, you need to plan!

2. Make Your List

For your day at the beach, you’ll need one item that starts with each letter of the alphabet! Take turns saying, “I’m going to the beach and I’m bringing ______.” The first person has to pick something that starts with the letter A, the next person has to pick something that starts with the letter B, and so on until you reach Z.

3. Act It Out

When one person says their item, the other person must act out bringing that item. For example, if you start by saying you’ll bring an apple to the beach, your child would pretend to pick out an apple and put it in a bag. This might get challenging at times, so feel free to work together to get creative and think up items.

4. Reflect

Ask your child which letter was the most challenging for them to use in this game. Share yours, too! Discuss how it feels to work together to complete a challenging task.

During the Video:

Move Along with A Day at the Beach

What you'll need:

  • The A Day at the Beach video — head to to find it! 
  • A space big enough for you and your child to do the movements along with the video — if you can’t comfortably lay down in this space, place a towel, blanket, or yoga mat nearby.

Activity steps:

1. Introduce the Activity

Invite your child to join you in watching and following along with a fun video. Explain that you’ll be doing what the children in the video do while you watch, and that you’ll be paying attention to how your minds and bodies feel during the video.

2. Make Room

Find a place that has enough space for both of you to move comfortably.

3. It's Time!

Play the video and do the moves together.

4. Reflect

When the video is over, ask your child how their mind and body felt during the movements. Share how your mind and body felt, too.

Ask your child how their mind and body felt after floating on the waves and taking deep breaths at the end of the video, and share how yours felt, as well.

5. Talk About Giving Back

Finally, ask your child how it feels knowing that they’ve helped other kids through Kid Power! Do they know what a ready to use therapeutic food packet is? Which local cause did they decide to donate to?

After the Video:

Animal Yoga

What you'll need:

Carpeted floor, grass, or yoga mats for you and your child.

Activity Steps:

1. Introduce the Activity

Tell your child that now you will have the opportunity to make up your own yoga poses! Explain that, just like when you played “I’m Going to the Beach and I’m Bringing…” you’ll need to work together and get creative.

2. Get Prepared

Ask your child to think back to the video — which poses were based on animals that you might find at the beach or in the ocean?

  • Whale/Downward Dog
  • Crab Pose
  • Starfish Pose

3. Create Animal Yoga Poses

Explain that many yoga poses are named after things found in nature, and invite your child to help you make up some poses based on the way animals look and move. It might be helpful to start with more ocean animals, then move to animals you’d find in the snow, in the rainforest, and so on.

4. Name Your Poses!

Choose a couple of your favorite poses and give them a name. If you like, take photos of you and your child doing the poses and share them with friends, family and even with us! @GoKidPower #GoKidPower #PowerUpGuides

5. Reflect

Ask your child how it felt to create yoga poses together today. Was it fun? Interesting? Frustrating? Tiring? Tell your child how you felt, as well. Explain that there is no right or wrong way to feel about it — what’s important is being able to name our emotions.

What Else Can You Do?

Beach Pictionary

Using paper, a whiteboard, or even a stick in the dirt or sand, play Pictionary with your child. In this version of the game, everything has to be related to a day at the beach! One person will draw items you’d bring to or find at the beach, while the other person guesses what’s being drawn. Then, you’ll switch artists and play again.

Design a Surfboard

Using art supplies or things found in nature, work together with your child to design an awesome surfboard that says something about who you are! Talk about why you chose the designs you did, and don’t forget to take pictures of your masterpieces and share them with friends, family, and us! @GoKidPower #GoKidPower #PowerUpGuides

Collaborative Storytelling

Make up a story about two friends who went to the beach and realized they had to work together to solve a problem. What problem did they see at the beach? Why was it important for the friends to help? How did they work together to solve the problem? Make sure your story has a beginning, middle, and end!

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